1. It helps protect the environment. EU Ecolabel products produce less waste and pollution when compared with similar items on the market.
  2. EU Ecolabel minimises the use of hazardous substances which can harm your health, animal and plant life.
  3. Independent experts verify that EU Ecolabel products and services continuously comply with the label’s criteria. It is not a label by industry for industry.
  4. It is good for your pocket. Performance criteria ensure EU Ecolabel products are eective, and by helping you reduce your energy and water use, it can save you money.
  5. With more than 37,000 brands covered by the EU Ecolabel, you can choose from a range of environmental products and services. 

Phosphate : It is a pollutant which creates high levels of moss in the sea, consequently reducing oxygen levels. As a result, the diversity in sh species signicantly decreases. Phosphate is used in detergents globally. For example, in Turkey alone, the rate of phosphates used in detergents is at 15% -30%.

Formaldehyde : Commonly used to prolong shelf life in a number of products. It is known to cause damage to the lungs and respiratory tract.

Phenol : A coal and petroleum derivative used in disinfectants, it is toxic and corrosive. Phenol and its vapours damage the eyes and when in contact with skin, causes inammation, burns, lung damage , respiratory damage, kidney damage and liver damage.

Perchloroethylene (C214): It is generally used as a cleaning agent to remove oil and is often used in carpet shampoos. It has harmful eects on the liver, kidney, skin and nervous system.

Nitrobenzene : Used as a solvent in cheaper perfumes and soaps, it is harmful and highly toxic to the liver, skin and eyes and long term exposure can lead to respiratory trouble and induce comas.

Ammonia : This is commonly present in cleaning products and is widely produced. It causes immediate irritation when in contact with the skin and subsequently, severe burns. It is extremely corrosive and can result in blindness, lung damage and death.

Cresol : Used widely in disinfectants, it is a harmful chemical easily absorbed by the inner membranes of the dermatological and nervous systems causing irreparable damage.

Salt : Used abundantly in detergents as an active cleaning agent, it causes severe dry skin, ssures and pruritus.

EDTA (Ethylene Diamine Tetraacetic Acid): It is a carcinogenic compound used to treat water, clean boilers in power plants and prevent