Double Beam Sdn Bhd

Merchandising Specialist Partner

Incorporated in 2004, Double Beam Sdn Bhd's major business activities include providing corporate premium gifts and consumer products through several different channels of distributorship.

The company's portfolio boasts a variety of corporate clientele including casinos, banks, cruise lines consumer loyalty providers, oil & gas companies, departmental stores, cosmetic brands, satellite broadcast providers and SME companies from Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei & Australia.

Double Beam's customer base includes some of the biggest industry names ranging from banks to cosmetics; providing top quality premium gifts and consumer loyalty rewards program items. The industry is known to be one of the most challenging and competitive, hence their priorities stem from all focus on all facets of quality, pricing strategy, product novelty, variety and end-to-end management to ensure customer satisfaction.

...customer base includes some of the biggest industry names...

Riding on its continued wave of success, Double Beam expanded its business operations to China in view of the high demand of health products as well as organic cosmetics, resulting in the incorporation of Zhongshan Lian Guo Xing Trading Co. Ltd incorporated in May 2015 to facilitate the business expansion.

To-date, Double Beam Sdn Bhd entered a Joint Venture with Natural Elixirs Sdn Bhd as partners in expanding the sales & marketing drive for, among others, NESB's flagship brand; Ecowell as well as its foray into premium merchandise under its iFour brand.

They proved instrumental in successfully introducing Ecowell products and implementing Ecowell's Organic Spa into the Star Cruises line.

Double Beam also plays a significant role in product sourcing and development due to their experience, understanding and in-depth knowledge of market trends hence, the coupling with NESB will determine a solid path towards exponential growth and expansion for both companies and brands alike.

...experience, understanding and in-depth knowledge of market trends...