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Natural Elixirs The future of natural healthcare

Natural Elixirs Sdn Bhd (NESB) is a Malaysian-owned, pioneer herbal and wellness company which began its journey in R&D of locally sourced herbs for wellness as an alternative to chemical-based medicine. This became the stepping stone for a number of successful natural-based formulations and a premium imported health tea range. herbal and wellness company...

manufacturing all natural products with state-of-the-art technology

NESB further expanded its portfolio as the sole distributor of leading German brand, Dr. Förster. Dr. Förster GmbH is a German-based manufacturer of herbal product segments; OTC Medicines, Food Supplements and Personal Care and has been operating for almost 90 years. Today, NESB's scope includes its staple of teas and newer inclusions of organic skincare and sports formulations. Our primary focus is in herbal products of exceptional quality derived from all-natural plant extracts and free from chemical and artificial stimulants.

Secret Weapon Ultra Premium Sports Nutrition

The SECRET WEAPON range is collaborative effort of combined expertise in bodybuilding, physiology, nutrition and healthcare formulated and produced by German state-of-the-art technology. It is currently a leading brand in sports nutrition and is endorsed by Champion Bodybuilders.

Herbal Segment

NESB's Herbal Segment represents the core of our early years of stringent and comprehensive R&D into natural healthcare solutions for all manner of enhancing the quality of life and treating ailments. Cosa Pandora and Cosa Grande are 2 of the many successful products within its stable.

NESB aims to be the hub
for herbal

NESB has cultivated strategic partnerships with leading natural healthcare brands for their technical expertise, experience and cutting-edge innovations in manufacturing all natural products with state-of-the-art technology to bring premium quality, effective and healthier products for consumers. NESB aims to b e the hub for herbal health solutions from end-to-end.

ecowell Eco-Bio Comestics

A leader in eco bio formulations, Ecowell is dedicated in employing organic and natural ingredients in its extensive range of products. Hailing from Turkey, Ecowell products are meticulously produced in respect of people and nature. Combining modern processes with traditional organic extracts and plant essences, Ecowell offers healthier, better alternative.

Ayurvedic Tea Premium Health Teas

Natural Elixirs Premium Teas are carefully selected blends of high-quality ingredients for general health and wellbeing. Natural Elixirs produces two types of teas in its range: Green Teas and Ayurvedic Teas, both of which offer various health benefits ranging from stress-relief to lowering blood sugar and increasing vitality.

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